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Michal Rogozinski

Scrum Master

Elevate your skills and job satisfaction with me by being Agile, not just by going through the motions of "doing Agile". This website is a collection of my thoughts, resources and tools that reflect my Agile journey over the past decade and a half. I'm happy to share it with you and appreciate any good conversation, feedback or professional engagement that might come out of that.

Events / Workshops

The best lessons come from experts who have successfully implemented agile practices in real organizations, teams, products and projects. Here are my curated recommendations and endorsements worth considering.



Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Agility

Agile Denver

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How to lead transformations, or why results matter - By Dave Sharrock

Agile Regina

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Scrum In Construction: A Better Way To Design, Plan, and Build

Scrum Inc.

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